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Innovation districts embody the very essence of cities: an aggregation of talented, driven people, assembled in close quarters, who exchange ideas and knowledge in what has been called a ‘dynamic process of innovation, imitation, and improvement.’
— Peter Hall, Cities in Civilization: Culture, Innovation, and Urban Order

The Movement

We started this grassroots, entrepreneur-driven movement because we are passionate about breaking down the silos in our city and creating opportunities for talented, motivated people to interact with each other. We showcase business and lifestyle in our Innovation District (ID) to not only recruit new citizens but to also retain our current citizens, especially recent graduates of our universities. We look forward to establishing partnerships in The District and creating the most vibrant place to live and work in Tallahassee.

The Innovation District covers Gaines Street, FAMU Way, All Saints District, and Cascades Park.


We love this place.


Livable. Walkable. Fun.

Meet The Team


Ryan Kopinsky

Founder of AddedLayer


Lucas Lindsey

Partner at Foremost


Karla Galvan

Founder of Karla Galvan Designs


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