Innovation District Celebrates Tallahassee Tech Economy with TechTLH

The Innovation District (ID) team has launched TechTLH, a platform for connecting skilled technical and creative talent to career opportunities in Tallahassee's growing technology community. TechTLH includes a list of nearly 70 local tech companies, with more added each day. Companies currently missing from the list can quickly and easily add themselves to the database using the site's Company page. By crowdsourcing company information, TechTLH will evolve over time into a comprehensive snapshot of local tech activity.

"Innovation District's goal is to increase the visibility and impact of Tallahassee's tech economy," said Ryan Kopinsky, a member of ID's core team. "TechTLH is another important step forward."   

Tallahassee Tech Jobs

In addition to a running list of technology companies, TechTLH provides a new online space for hosting open job opportunities coming out of our community's creative- and technology-driven business sectors. At the time of launch, seven companies, including Infinity Software, Cuttlesoft, and the Florida Senate, have posted nine different positions in web and software development. The jobs represent a diverse mix of internships, part-time, and full-time work. As Tallahassee tech continues to expand its scope and share of local economic activity, TechTLH will emerge as a central tool for job placement.

"We want TechTLH to be memorable and striking, but most of all useful," said Karla Galvan, a creative whose photography and graphic design work have infused Innovation District since its launch last fall. "We've designed the site with bold color as a way to grab attention and make a statement about the vibrancy of Tallahassee tech companies."

Indeed, TechTLH stands ready to make a powerful statement about the growing momentum of Tallahassee's tech economy. 

Innovation District is a community and economic development project created by Karla Galvan, Ryan Kopinsky, and Lucas Lindsey. For more information, read over our past blog posts.

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[WFSU] Tallahassee 'Innovation District' Seeking Prize Money For Startup Promo Plan

"A couple of weeks remain in the Knight Cities Challenge, a contest offering money for ideas about improving Tallahassee (and 25 other cities). One local group has submitted a proposal for showcasing and growing Tallahassee’s tech-startup culture." Read more.

Src: WFSU, Jessica Palombo

Showcasing Our District Through People... Not Institutions

We are ecstatic to introduce People of the District, a new effort by our Ambassadors to tell the story of Tallahassee's startup community as it builds from the ground up. In this section we will highlight some of our most vibrant citizens--entrepreneurs, business owners, neighbors, and friends.

We believe the most genuine and effective way to showcase the District is through the eyes of the people that call it home, not just the institutions that have set up shop. While there have been great improvements in urban development across the District, we will focus less on space and place and more on talent and people.

People of our District will give Tallahassee's Innovation District a face and personality. Each week we'll aim to feature someone new, and it all starts with Enrique Morgan

A Little Less Talk, A Lot More Action: Why We're Betting on Tallahassee's Innovation District

The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney

We're going to keep this post short. There's a lot that could be said, but there's even more that needs to be done. Fortunate to meet this week with Mayor-Elect Andrew Gillum, we heard his vision for a more entrepreneurial city, and we walked through plans for Innovation District, our effort to break down silos and promote the remarkable work of Tallahassee's talented entrepreneurs, disruptive startups, and awesome local businesses. Through creative partnerships and stylized storytelling, we're going to showcase business and lifestyle in the District. We're going to do what it takes to retain our best and brightest.

For more on our meeting with Tallahassee's next mayor, check out the coverage via WCTV.

One thing is certain: this shift in culture and opportunity is happening, all around us, in real-time. We see it every day. We work in the heart of Tallahassee's growing startup community. We watch entrepreneurs hammer out code in the shadow of cranes along Gaines St.--both of them building our city's economy, both of them at once investing in our city's future. We're here to stay.

So tune in as we curate and deliver the Innovation District's most compelling stories. 

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to get back to doing.  

 Pictured (left to right): Lucas Lindsey, Karla Galvan, Mayor-Elect Andrew Gillum, & Ryan Kopinsky. 

Pictured (left to right): Lucas Lindsey, Karla Galvan, Mayor-Elect Andrew Gillum, & Ryan Kopinsky.