Barbara Wescott • Startup Founder

Superpower: A visual mind for fixing things. I like the challenge of taking something that isn’t working, and mull it over in my mind until I find a way to make it work. 

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: It’s Domi. I love being surrounded by people who have that same type of drive to solve a problem or create something new.

On Entrepreneurship: I have an inventor’s spirit…and once I latch on to a good idea, I’m driven to see it happen.

Finding Inspiration: From everyone around me. I love people, and it’s always amazing the collective amount of help and wisdom that comes from just listening to those around you.

I’ve learned to work extremely hard, be good to people, and be honest… and good things will happen.”
— BW

Follow Barbara as she launches and scales PointCatcher, a universal rewards network.