Patrick Breslend • Inventor


Superpower: I can mold complex geometric designs or solve tough problems while trying to fall asleep. This normally turns into interesting dreams that seem to spark great ideas. 

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: While Domi has become a second home lately, I still think my favorite spot in the area is the Tallahassee Rock Gym. The rock gym is one of those places you find a lot of engineers, all there to relax and solve new routes. You may walk in with a mountain of stress, but even before reaching the top of your first climb the stress is already forgotten. 

On Entrepreneurship: I learned early on that everything around me was built, designed, and created by someone who was skilled in that area of expertise. If I learn something then I can create something. The trick is to have a broad skill set so your creations are unique. I believe an entrepreneur carries a toolbox of skills and has the ability to produce things that others find valuable.

Finding Inspiration: My inspiration comes from simply reading about, or meeting, interesting people who do amazing things. I analyze them and try to understand what that person has been exposed to that led them to create such amazing work. Sometimes I catch myself trying to think like them and, usually, I am able to come up with an idea that inspires my own work.     

The city is growing and new areas are popping up everywhere. All of the growth is really inspiring and helps keep me motivated to grow myself.
— PB

Follow Patrick's story as he launches Optimal Bagging, home of the world's fastest trash bag.