Vergil Weatherford • Engineer

Superpower: Data-driven or mechanical problem-solving. During my day job as an energy efficiency engineer, that involves a lot of coding and data analysis. Outside of work, my hobbies tend to involve more hands-on solutions.

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: Cascades Park, particularly whilst zipping through it on the single speed I rebuilt from my mom's vintage Bianchi touring bike. There is a little bit of something for everyone at Cascades park, and most people you see are smiling. I feel fortunate that it is a part of my regular commute to Domi Station.

On Tallahassee: I moved here from my hometown of Asheville, NC to be close to my new family-in-law. I love Tallahassee--I am impressed with how she innovates and spawns hipness while keeping her strong southern roots.

Finding Inspiration: My family. I am constantly in awe of how clever and amazing all members of my family are--both immediate and extended, related by blood and marriage. There are quilters and carpenters, musicians and gardeners, hunters and writers, pilots, mountain climbers, engineers, medical professionals, librarians, teachers, comedians. Sometimes I just can't believe the talent and love that surrounds me.

Advice for Other Young Professionals: Don't forget to daydream.  It gives your subconscious a way to communicate to you what's important in life.  Most of my biggest career/life choices and most engaging projects so far have had their start from me just zoning out and imagining things.

What I found here is a thriving capital city with a rich heritage and history but an edgy, modern feel.
— VW

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