Gabe, Scott, and Saralyn • Craft Brewers

Superpower: Obviously, our superpower needs to be the brewing of innovative, high-quality craft beer, but for this entrepreneurial venture our biggest asset (other than brewing great beer) has been our ability to stay connected and engaged with the Tallahassee and Florida community.

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: Our favorite spot is where we've opened our doors at Garages on Gaines (603 West Gaines Street), but honestly we couldn't have done it without Domi Ventures' support while our facility was built out between Summer 2014 and Spring 2015. 

On Tallahassee: We took our time deliberating where GrassLands would ultimately reside. We chose Tallahassee because, not only was there a desire for more craft beer/breweries, there was a genuine level of support of what we were doing. We did our homework, and Tallahassee has proven to be an awesome choice so far.

Finding Inspiration: It's inspiring to see the work put in by our fellow industry colleagues - from the local level (Proof Brewing, Fermentation Lounge and Momo's Pizza/Brewpub) to the progress made by statewide breweries. The craft beer landscape in Florida is substantially increasing in complexity and notoriety. We're looking forward to continuing that upward trend. 

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs: Do. Your. Homework. Granted, we're not stereotypical entrepreneurs...shooting first and asking questions later. We did a lot of work up front as newbies prior to the point of no return. Your business model, your level of local awareness & support, and your potential for success is correlated with the amount of work you put in prior to taking the proverbial entrepreneurial leap. 

Seeing the passion of others put into their own entrepreneurial endeavors is exceptionally inspiring.
— GG

GrassLands is now open! Follow their story on Facebook. But let's be real. The most important thing you can do is go try their awesome brews!