Thomas Jackson • Maker

Superpower: My greatest asset is my keen insight into the broad implications of new technologies and leveraging their value to produce tangible results.

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: Cascade Park - quintessentially the perfect park. Growing up in Tallahassee, the city has completely spoiled me with some of the most beautiful parks in the country.  My Father worked at the Dept. of Transportation for over 30 years, and seeing that park in their front yard reminds me of all the hard workers and years of service that go into creating an amazing community.

On Entrepreneurship: The feeling of being in charge of your own destiny never gets old. There are no limits as an entrepreneur to what measures you can take toward leveraging yourself and your business for success. Take a new class, learn a new language, find your inner zen, get creative. The process of learning to create value isn't the easiest, but it's been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Finding Inspiration: Everywhere. The internet will be 26 this year, and I've been taking some serious advantage of its ability to connect me to some of the brightest and most talented people around the world. When I was 13 we moved out to "sticks", and I was mortified, not because of the long drive into town--I actually liked the "country"--but I was afraid we wouldn't have "fast internet." I knew I would be a disadvantage to some of my peers if I didn't have fast access to the internet. Luckily, after 10+ calls to by ISP they realized cable "could be run that far out" and they installed a switch for our neighborhood. With my new blazing speed, even though I lived on a small dirt road, I had access to the world.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs: Find your limits and then crush them.  You will find success when you begin to be honest with what skills you lack as an entrepreneur and begin systematically taking care of the ones holding you back.  Be willing to put your goals out there and find friends and supporters to help keep you accountable to those goals.  The road of an entrepreneur, while not easy, is littered with potential opportunities for your life. Seize those opportunities one at a time and every once in awhile take a second to remember how far you have come. 

As an entrepreneur, the buck always stops with you.
— TJ

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