Amanda Morrison • Hospitality Guru

Superpower: I love connecting people to work together in new ways, so much so that my title has transitioned into Director of Social Connections. I constantly find myself saying "do you know so-and-so? You two HAVE to meet and work together" or "we should team up with this person for this project". The more creative minds at the table, the better. 

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: Definitely Cascades Park.The project was such a monumental accomplishment and a great example of our elected officials and citizens working together to build something we can all be proud of.

Why Tallahassee: I came here in 2001 to attend Florida State and never imagined I would stay. I quickly realized that we are in a place where you can meet people and build relationships faster than you can in any other environment, but on a very personal level. It has been those relationships and friendships that have not only been the base for a successful business, but also for building a place where I truly feel at home. 

Why Be an Entrepreneur?: The ability to feel like I can put my own personal stamp on a project. I have been so fortunate to work for companies like Madison Social that are invested in creating change in our community and have given me the flexibility to try new things and take risks. Having that kind of support behind you makes you feel like anything is possible. 

Finding Inspiration: I take a lot of inspiration from seeing what my colleagues in other parts of the country are doing, and then saying to myself "Why not Tallahassee?" I love taking little brain-breaks to look at event magazines or cooking publications and dreaming of what we can bring here to our own business and community. 

Take risks and push through the failures.
— AM

Follow Amanda's story as her team builds Madison Social.