Julia Holly • Designer & Entrepreneur

Superpower: Getting things done and connecting people!

Best Spot in the Neighborhood: Domi Station & Gaines St.

Why Tallahassee: I still consider myself a newbie having lived here for 4 years. So much has changed since I first arrived. Gaines St. Midtown. Market District... A friend of mine, who was serial entrepreneur and is now retired, said Tallahassee reminds him of Austin (TX) in its early days. There are a lot of promising things happening around town. I think it's awesome to watch and also a great opportunity to be a part of building something here.

Why Be an Entrepreneur?:  I think it's something no one expects or plans to be. I believe it has to do with your passion and what your goals are. Or, maybe something that runs in the family?

My father moved his family of 5 from the Philippines to San Francisco. Even with a PhD in Engineering from NC State and 5 years of teaching as a professor he couldn't get a job in his field at the time. Long story short, he went from working at a photo kiosk on Pier 39 to building a multi-million biotech consulting company servicing pharmaceutical giants (i.e. Bayer, Genentech).

If you asked me the same question 10 years ago I wouldn't believe that I had it in me. I guess having kids can change a person. I have a few viable ideas and plan on testing them out while running my design studio.

Finding Inspiration: I find all my inspirational resources through social media. I follow top designers, digital agencies, social media experts, and major tech blogs. Pinterest for visuals. Twitter for all marketing tips. Facebook for tech, design, and business info.

Advice for Other Entrepreneurs: Don't skimp on your design & marketing budget. Find someone you can work well with and who you can trust outside of your personal circle. Your brand can make or break your business.

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