Alex + Chelsea Workman • Explorers


What's your superpower?                            

AW :: Storytelling. We love to help people discover and communicate their stories, because we believe that everyone has a story and every story is important.

CW :: Brand development/ marketing/ storytelling. I think it's all encompassing. Your brand should be marketed in a way where it tells your story. 

Favorite spot in the Innovation District neighborhood? 

AW :: Cascades is a part of telling Tallahassee’s story and it highlights the rich history, the innovative present, and the exciting future the city has. 

CW :: I'm a fan of Gaines Street. I've loved watching the development, trying the new food establishments, and building new relationships with shop owners, employees and the random people you bump into. 

Why Tallahassee? What has it been like building a business/brand here?

AW/CW ::  Well, we moved here for a job. We found ourselves wondering what we had gotten into and figuring out how we could attempt to love where we live. We started our community project, Aerial Tallahassee, as a creative outlet to begin to learn to love and appreciate where we lived. It wasn’t even about building a brand to begin with, but it went from a small, fun side project, to something bigger than we expected. 

We believe that content is king and consistency is queen. We come from PR and marketing backgrounds and we understand the importance of building a brand, so we were intentional about every step we took in building Aerial Tallahassee.

What makes you want to be an entrepreneur?

AW :: I love starting things. I thrive off the adrenaline of taking a risk and building/creating something. My grandparents were entrepreneurs and their legacy is important to me, so I’ve always had the drive to start things and to see things impact people’s lives, as they had an impact on mine. 

CW ::  I have always been creative, but my strength was always helping creative minds bring their ideas together and make it all make sense. My husband has a new idea every 5 minutes and I have to wrangle him in sometimes, but we are an entrepreneurial team and though I wrangle him in at times, he challenges and encourages me to get outside the box and think of new innovative ideas that can help our brand, and possibly future brands be the best they can be.

Where do you find inspiration?

AW :: Fatherhood changed everything for me. When I held my son for the first time, my life changed in an instant. . He’s 6 months old and even in the short time he’s been alive, something about watching him have the desire to explore and learn about the new things around him is amazing. 

CW :: I think first my family inspires me. I married a very creative extrovert, and over our relationship, he has inspired me with his imagination and his love for people. I never want to get to a place where I stop exploring and stop learning, and I’ve been able to meet and surround myself with people from all different backgrounds, who want to see Tallahassee move forward and become an incredible place to live, work and create. 

What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

AW :: One piece of advice I would give would be to not only think about your vision and your ideas, but create or have someone help you create a system to help you sustain that vision. You will be able to see problems and fix things faster, if you take the time to break down the process and perfect it. 

CW :: Never stop exploring and creating. One of the things we are intentional about is getting out and exploring, which helps our creativity, but the minute you feel like you've seen it all and you stop learning to love the place you live in, you’ve become like so many people who live in Tallahassee, who only stay in their bubble and never venture out to see the amazing things happening in this city.